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 Dance of Vampire at NPC buffers

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Dance of Vampire at NPC buffers?
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 67% [ 2 ]
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Academy Student

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PostSubject: Dance of Vampire at NPC buffers   Sun Feb 10, 2008 12:29 pm

Actually, when I came here, I was surprised that there's no Dance of Vampire at NPC buffers. I heard that I can't get 3rd class buffs from NPC but it's not 3rd class buff. So why there's no Vampire dance?

This thing nerfs true melee fighters like Destroyers, Tyrants, Glads and Warlords. There's everything for mages (Wild Magic, Empower), daggers, archers (all other offensive buffs) but there isn't ONE essential buff for Melees that makes them able to farm effectively. How comes that everyone can farm normally, even without CoV/Renewal, but not Destroyers, Warlords, Glads or Tyrants...

When I asked one GM about it he said: raise your own BD. But lol, should I rise it for ONE dance? I can rise SWS for Renewal/Champion, I can rise WC for CoV/Earth/War chants, I can even raise Warlock for his cat, but for god's sake why should I RISE BD FOR JUST ONE DANCE? Why archers need CoV only to farm/PvP effectively? Why daggers and mages need only CoV/Champ/Renewal to farm effectively? WHY MELEES NEED COV/VAMP/CHAMP/RENE TO FARM/PVP EFFECTIVELY? WHY THEY NEED TO RAISE 3 BUFF CHARS?

I don't have good PC so hardly I can keep dual box. Reloging from for instance SwS to WC on dual box is just pain in ass for me, not mentioning that I would need to relog 2nd time on BD for Vampire, and then maybe 3rd to my alt char that I want to plvl. It would take me up to 15 minutes to do all of there things.

This thing makes me reroll mage or dagger and leave my Destroyer/Tyrant alone. But I can't. I don't want to be another dagger/archer/mage on this server. Please, add this fvcking dance and let melee lovers enjoy their classes.


Ps. If you vote, write few words why YES or why NO. Thanks in advance.
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PostSubject: Re: Dance of Vampire at NPC buffers   Sun Feb 10, 2008 1:00 pm

The ValorL2 Staff has alrdy gone over this and were not gonna change the NPC buffs when we have alrdy ruled out putting Vampire with the rest of the NPC buffs. TBH, no one on the server that I have seen lvls s BD for Vampire, even if they do its for Siren. People don't even uses Dance of Vampire, there is still Vampric Rage that does the job for farming and its on the NPC buffers.

The NPC buffers and to be there to get you started, give you basic buffs to lvl characters. So if you want a special buff your gonna have to lvl it. Thats what the staff agreed on when the server was put up.

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Dance of Vampire at NPC buffers
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