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 Here's The Server Rules

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PostSubject: Here's The Server Rules   Wed Dec 19, 2007 7:29 pm

Screenshots can prove a lot, so show them to the staff if you have a claim to make.
• Excessive racism is not allowed, and you will be punished at the discretion of the GM.
• Disrespect of any member of staff is not allowed
• Advertising other servers is not allowed and will result in an instant ban

General Play:
•Dual boxing allowed (No more than 3 boxes allowed per person)
•Donations are only replaceable if account has been hacked illegally
•We dont give back any items lost due to pking or scamming!
•No Grief Buffing in any peace zones (town or spawn points), this will result in jail and ban if needed.
    No Buffing on the spawn points to prevent your buffers from being attacked.

• No healing from spawn points, and no grief buffing people that are on the spawn point when you aren't.
• Impersonation of a GM, example being GMAnything, will result in an instant character ban, in addition, telling somebody that you have talked to a gm, and that they will be banned, when actually you havent, will also get you banned
• L2Walker is not allowed, along with every single other 3rd party program that can be used with lineage2, if you are found using any of the programs, whether it be to view someone’s hp, or to just set up a store in town, you will be jailed along with every account other you have logged on.
• Exploiting is not allowed, the use of any exploits at all will result in an IP ban, and anything involved will be deleted.
• Perching, which is killing monsters or players from an area that they cannot attack you back, will result in a warning and then jailing if needed.
• Scamming is allowed, however scamming by way of exploit is not, also if you impersonate a GM and convince someone to hand over an item or their account info, you will be banned.
• Using geodata bugs to get into castles or other areas you would otherwise not be able to get into will result in jail time.

• PKing is allowed, however if you are found to be level 78 pking in a level 20 leveling area then you may be jailed.
• Spawn pking, which is killing someone at a spawn point before they have loaded, while they are still black-screened will result in jail.
• Shooting over any peace zone, for example standing outside of the arena, and then shooting someone over the arena peace zone that is in the arena, is against the rules, you will be jailed for doing so.
• The use of AoE(Area of Effect) skills, such as seals, while you are in the peace zone, to effect the people outside of the peace zone, is against the rules. Punishments can be anything from being sent back to town, to jail.

• Attempting to hit baium through the door on ToI14 is not allowed. Even the attempt to do so will result in you being set to level 20 and your Fate's Whisper quest will be deleted. Repeated attempts will result in a ban.

Castle Sieges:
• Dropping mass amounts of items on the ground in a castle siege to diliberatly cause lag for the attacking and/or defending players is against the rules, doing so will result in an immediate jail of all associated offenders. If the castle owners are the offenders, the GM's will take the castle and leave it with no defense for the attackers.

These rules are subject to change, so make sure you check them frequently, ignorance of these rules is NOT an excuse for breaking them.[wow][/wow]
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Here's The Server Rules
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