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 ExiledHeroes Now live

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PostSubject: ExiledHeroes Now live   Sun Jan 20, 2008 2:14 am

Recruitment For Exiled Heroes

You need to understand English, to some extent of precision, im not looking to invite these randoms who come along thinking they are ok just because they have a small amount of experience with english communication.

You stand a much higher chance of being accepted into EH, if you are from America, Australia, Britain or Canada.

Exiled Heros

- First Off- You should somewhat fairly understand Lineage2
- You must type/speak good english
- Must have ventrillo *mic not required*
- Must be above level 67
- You Must Be here For MOST seiges

We mostly wont tolerate
- Racist Comments
- Bitching/Beggers
- or Greifers

We also wont allow to many alt characters to the clan

-We Mostly Need

-Overlords (67 or above only)

-Warcriers (77 or above only)

-Hawkeyes (72 or above only)

-Phantom Rangers (74 or above only)

-Necromancers (74 or above only)

-Warsmiths (67 or above only)

-Bishops ( 67 Or above only)

-TreasureHunter (67 or above only)

Silver Rangers, Plainswalkers and other lower end classes may be considered, perhaps if you know ur economy and have good gear, self-sustaining and sub classed, or prepared to do the quest.

If you are willing to do you sub-class and noble quest you will be helped with the raidbosses

In Order To Join This Clan You Must Fill This Out


-Name ingame:Nitedog


-Activity:Everyday 7-10 hours/day


-Current location:Bahamas/ Abaco

-Main class and sub(s):Saggitarius Sub- Ghost Hunter 2nd sub- Soultaker 3rd sub class- Shillen knight

-Reason for applying to this clan:These clan looks like to be a very well organized clan that know whats it doing

-Why do you think we should accept you?I think i should be accepted because im well knowledge with the clan i can follow orders when given

-And finally, tell us about your experience with Lineage II, how long have you played, how well do you communicate, how are your pvp skills, are you a valuable asset?

* Try to give as much information on yourself as you can, including your communication skills, pvp experience and a little reason as to WHY you want to apply and WHY you think you're good enough.

Our Goals!

Our main goals we're trying to achieve atm is getting everyone decently geared up, we'll be in GC deep / EF farming SA weapons and tit Armour for the next few weeks. Making SA weapons is np and you'll get one if you haven't got one already.
We won't be attending any serious seiges or searching for any big pvp untill we're satisfied with everyone's gear and pvp standards and untill we have nearly everyone noblessed and subclassed.
Our long term goals are to create a successful clan with 30-40 active people and to successfully take and own a castle for a long period of time.

- To have atleast 30-40 Active Members

- To Get our people geared up and ready!

- To get All clannies full leveled

- To have a good running Active Clan!

A bit To know About Exiled Heroes

I'll be monitoring all our new members to see how they're getting along, if you decide not to follow simple instructions then we're gonna run into a few problems but hopefully this shouldn't occur :p We'd love to hear other peoples opinions in different situations but if you put them into act without discussing them first then it won't work Smile we can't have some people doing one thing and others doing their own separate thing. ExiledHeroes work as a team and we do everything together.We Have been Togather for a few years now just love to have fun in the game and so on we dont look for trouble some how trouble seems to find us Razz just love to be around the friends and people who we meet in this game We are an active pvping clan/Alliance and we don't look for the average player, we often direct our performance into offensive and strategical play.
We are organised, dedicated and friendly. However, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of english communication, usage of ventrilo and the simple fact that you must have the guts to do exactly as you're told whether you think it can be pulled off or not.

We provide full buffs in non-crowded areas during pvp grouping or siege preparation, so believe me the guild is relaxed and organised. We rely on tactics and strategy over outnumbering, before you apply please think if you are capable of reacting to something you are told to do, before it's too late and someone hits the floor because of you.

But despite all of the above, don't worry we're not a military, we're here for fun and you need to have a sense of humour to fit in well.

Well thats it everyone so good luck to you all Hope to see you ingame

Note: Ingame applications may be considered, and special invitations based on your performance being seen may be given out. Ingame applications MUST BE SENT TO! NiteDog ,BoomItsOn,TuKAn and Squishy. if they are sent to any one else in the clan you will not be approved

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Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Re: ExiledHeroes Now live   Sun Jan 20, 2008 5:17 pm

Wow u guys seem pretty badass and oraganized, so i guess ill give it a try..

Ingame name: CortezTheKiller

Main class/Subclass1/2/3: Dominator / subing bishop


Location: USA

Activity: All day every day, in highschool so on weekdays i can only play from 2:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Age: 16

Do you have and know how to use Ventrilo:yes, used ventrilo for years now, know it all

Time playing Lineage 2: Sense c2

Previous servers: Retail, l2refused, l2gve, l2factions and many many more

Previous clans and reason for no longer being in them: I was in meow on l2refused but Revan sucks to much cock so i left

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ExiledHeroes Now live
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